Faculty & Staff

Staff Directory

  Name Title Group
Aimee Adams Adams, Aimee Elementary Assistant Principal
Gladys Alvarado Alvarado, Gladys Science Teacher
Breanne Ayala Ayala, Breanne Director of Development
Elias Ayala Ayala, Elias Teacher
Miqueas Bello Bello, Miqueas Teacher
Jaclyn Bichsel Bichsel, Jaclyn Third Grade Teacher
Lisa Cacchioli Cacchioli, Lisa Fifth Grade Teacher
Kimberly DeCaro DeCaro, Kimberly Kindergarten Teacher
Comfort Dennis Dennis, Comfort Aide/Kindergarten PE Teacher
Leslie Fowley Fowley, Leslie Superintendent
Teresa Grace Grace, Teresa First Grade Teacher
Denise Hendrickson Hendrickson, Denise Administrative Assistant
Sharon Holmes Holmes, Sharon Fourth Grade Teacher
Doreen Marturano Marturano, Doreen Nurse
Maria Meller Meller, Maria Exec. Asst to Supt
Lisa Milazzo Milazzo, Lisa Billing
Xanthia Newman Hough Newman Hough, Xanthia Admissions Coordinator
Amy Pascualini Pascualini, Amy Substitute Teacher
Micheal Paterno Paterno, Micheal Teacher
Christopher Russo Russo, Christopher Teacher
Kimberly Schamberg Schamberg, Kimberly Second Grade Teacher
Sandra Shanhai Shanhai, Sandra Principal
Denzel Skeete Skeete, Denzel PE Teacher
Daisy Thompson Thompson, Daisy Admin Assistant
Andrew Urban Urban, Andrew Teacher
Audra Voelpel Voelpel, Audra Teacher
Annette Williams Williams, Annette Teacher

Valley Stream Christian Academy is proud to have faculty and staff that are committed, born-again Christians.  They are here to serve the Lord and ensure your child receives a quality, Christian education.