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Elementary Curriculum



English Language Arts (ELA)

Publisher: Reading/Writing- McGraw-Hill "Wonders"; Grammar/Writing—Bob Jones University Press

In order to set the stage for a lifetime love of meaningful reading, a phonics-based program centered on a themed reading anthology, which emphasizes the growth and development of reading in fluency, comprehension, spelling, and vocabulary is utilized.  Students are frequently assessed through formal and informal means to provide the most individualized attention to specific literacy strengths and needs.   A deliberate, instructional approach to the conventions of the English language and systematic implementation of a thorough planning, drafting, and editing process establish a strong foundation for students' success in written expression.


Publisher: Handwriting—Zaner-Bloser

Students develop their ability to write in print in Kindergarten through second grade.  Students are introduced to cursive writing in grade two and continue their consistent use of cursive writing in all subject areas in the intermediate elementary grades.


Publisher: McGraw-Hill "My Math"

Through a delicate balance of direct instruction, modeling, use of technology, and hands-on manipulatives and activities, students demonstrate an understanding and a developing mastery of mathematical concepts and problem-solving skills necessary for success in middle and high school mathematics.


Publisher: Kindergarten- Scholastic; Grades 1-5—Bob Jones University Press

Students develop a biblical worldview of God’s creation and of their role as active and attentive stewards of creation as they explore the physical, life, and earth sciences.  Through the use of the Scientific Method and application of scientific tools and instruments, they engage in the observation and discovery of scientific concepts and truths.

Social Studies

Publisher: Kindergarten-A Beka; Grades 1-5—Bob Jones University Press

Elementary students embark on an exciting journey through social and historical topics such as communities, citizenship, structure of government, and United States history ranging from the first Americans to current events.  Students recognize God’s sovereignty and plan throughout the history of the United States of America and God’s purposes for them in society today.


Publisher: Purposeful Design

The elementary years provide a perfect landscape for constructing, maintaining, and solidifying a biblical worldview and a foundation for courageous Christian living.  Elementary students learn about Christ’s plan of redemption from Creation through Christ’s death and resurrection and further explore the gospel message proclaimed through the life of Paul.  Students also "hide God's word in their hearts" by memorizing Bible verses on a weekly basis.  In addition, they attend weekly chapel services that include a time of praise and worship and an interactive Bible lesson. 


Art is one of the weekly enrichment classes in the elementary curriculum. In the artroom, the student is considered the artist. Student artists interact with each other to discover creative solutions to artistic challenges. Through hands-on experiences, students learn the seven elements of art: color, line, shape, space, texture, and value.  Students practice these design elements through a variety of mediums including watercolor, oil pastels, artist chalk, colored markers, tempera, and artist clay.


Music is one of the weekly enrichment classes in the elementary curriculum. In music, we learn about worship, how we worship, and what are different ways to worship. Along with worship, students will also learn different musical concepts like rhythm, beat, note reading, solfege, singing alone and with others, and learn how to play various instruments. Fourth and fifth grade students are learning musical concepts through instrumentation. 

Physical Education

The Physical Education program entails a variety of physical activities and sports such as units in callisthenic exercises, basketball, volleyball, team building, leadership, soccer, and many others sports/ activities for the students. The program enhances students' knowledge on the importance of daily participation in physical activities. It is designed to give students the opportunity to gain personal fitness skills, to be empowered to meet challenges and develop positive behaviors toward fitness. It also gives the students the time to learn how to cooperate with each other and build with each other.