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Academic Fair

Congratulations to the 2020 Academic Fair Winners:


Elementary Winners:

1st Place: Lilah De La Rosa, "Device Addiction"

2nd Place: Marcus Hampton, "Can Milk be Turned into Glue?"

3rd Place: Ethan Chang, "Allergies"

Honorable Mention:

Kyle Boney, Aiden Carr, Joseph Hairston


Middle School Winners:

1st Place: Sarah Asare, "Dopamine"

2nd Place: Ethan De La Rosa, "The Era of CRISPR"

3rd Place: Josiah Mathew, "Aerodynamics & Plane Flight"

Honorable Mention:

Mya Hans, Madison Grant, Cristofer Hernandez


High School Winners:

1st Place: Huly Lopez, "The Impact of Fast Fashion and Sweat Shops"

2nd Place: Rachel Varghese, "The Titanic"

3rd Place: Ariana Fraser, "How the Gut Affects Overall Health"

Honorable Mention:

´╗┐Moriah Rhymer, Rebeca Gutierrez, Mia Maldonado