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“VSCA was an answer to prayer for me and my family. I originally went to Hempstead High. Which was a bad experience because I had just moved and I didn’t have Christian friends that went there. But we heard about VSCA and I finished my high school career there. I made lifelong friends with great students, but not just with the students, with the teachers as well.”
-Jonny McIntosh (class of 2014 graduate)

“I love being able to go out with my high school friends during lunch time.”
-Keturah Paul (class of 2015 graduate)

“The reason why I like coming to VSCA is because it has this cute, little, small community. Everybody is kind of tied together in this small familial bond. That just really brings me closer to home because in my family I don’t have a lot of children who are my age. In this school, although there aren’t many students, it just kind of brings us together as a whole as friends, but more as a family.”
-Natalie Fretes-Silva (class of 2015 graduate)

“I am truly so blessed to have had the privilege to go to VSCA. Seeing myself compared to other young Christians around me, who didn’t have such a great opportunity, I can see how God used the atmosphere, classes, teachers, and friends to pour wisdom and knowledge about Him into myself. I’m glad I can and did appreciate that small haven that  lasted a short period of time but left a lifetime’s effect.”

-Raquel Vargas (class of 2014 graduate)

“Academically, VSCA prepared me to be one of the best writers in my freshman writing class at Gordon. Relationally, the close-knit community at VSCA taught me how to foster relationships with professors in college and coaches at the collegiate level. Spiritually, I had a great foundation of knowledge thanks to both chapels and Bible classes so that when i was in groups of people from various denominations in College, I could have meaningful conversations. I am grateful for the opportunity of experiences I had at VSCA.”
-Olivia Balloveras (class of 2011 graduate)

“I like VSCA because it is a place that allows for spiritual and intellectual growth through the love and encouragment from the faculty and also the friendships made along the way.”
-Dominick Villacarlos (class of 2015 graduate)

"I never had the opportunity to thank you for your help.  I am extremely pleased with the school.  Stephen loves his teachers and they truly work hard to provide him with a quality Christian education.  Thank you for everything and have a blessed day."

-Current parent